The Report

The document was a report by a Miss P C R Dean, dated 12th September 1952, on the suitability of Kate and Harry Higgs to legally adopt me. It told how I was the second son of Ellen Mary Parry and I was born at Leighton Buzzard Hospital. It showed I went home with Ellen to a house in 11 Garden Hedge, where she lived with her two brothers four sisters. It was very crowded and her brother Jack, the only wage earner, could not manage another mother and child in so small a house. So at five weeks old I was admitted, with Ellen, to the Chelsea Institute in south London.

chelsea homeThis photo shows the Institute which I photographed in 1999. It is now renamed as The Chelsea Hospital.

When just 4 months old, just before Christmas 1948, for some unknown reason, I was transferred to the South Western Hospital somewhere in South London. In early January 1949 I was returned to the Chelsea Institute.  On January 24th Ellen was discharged from Chelsea Institute leaving me behind. She was said at the time to be in an 'infirm' state.   We would not meet again for 46 years...