My Adoption - the story begins...

me and mum

This is me and and my mum. She adopted me and my brother Sam both at an early age. She passed away in 1997. Mum and I never really discussed the adoption but during her last few years I began to look into the story.

Mum was apprehensive but agreed I ought to do it. How I found my birth mother, brothers and sisters makes fascinating reading.

I began by applying for a copy of my original birth certificate, and so the story unfolded...

The Social Worker

I always thought I was David Higgs, born in London 1948....

When I obtained my birth certificate I found I was born David Parry in 1948 (at least I was right about the year) at Leighton Buzzard Hospital. It also told me the adoption was legally confirmed at a hearing of the Juvenile Court sitting at Friends House Euston road, London in 1952.

I called them and they told me all the records had been transferred to the Greater London Record Office. When I rang them to see if they had any old case files about the adoption, a lady answered and after I had explained she asked me to wait. After waiting for about five minutes, the lady returned to say Yes we do have a file in the name of David Parry. This was strange. To think there was a report, written about me, resting in some dusty file for more than forty-five years, probably never read by anyone since it was placed there.

She said she could not tell me it's contents nor was I able to come and read the file because the law made it a requirement to attend an interview with an Adoption Counsellor before any information could be given to me. So in November 1996 I made an appointment with Paula, a social worker of the Family Finding Unit of Enfield Council (my local council at that time).

When I met with Paula, I explained my quest and she agreed to help. She went to the Record Office and copied the file. Later, in Enfield, at a fateful meeting with her, she read to me the notes she had made, by copying them from the old file. Here I first learnt my mother's real name Cook and her two other children, my brother and a sister I never knew existed.