1961 Sports Day, so long ago...

There are boys from two classes here, 1B1, the class I was in, and 1B2. It's amazing but I could not remember anyone's name but now I look at the photo of 1B1 and 1B2 I can name the following. I do recall most of the others but not their names.

I am grateful to those below who have suggested some of these names

Sports Day 1961

Back Row
Person Suggestion it is... Suggested by...
1st Tony Ketley David Pay
2nd Stan Hibbert David Pay
Graham Grant ("dubbin") Philip Hibbert
3rd Mick Prior David Higgs
4th Vere Barlow David Pay, David Higgs
5th Jim Carey David Pay
Nigel Mercer David Higgs
6th Tony Bothwell David Higgs
7th Alan Butcher Fred Smart
Alan Bishop David Higgs
Mick May Michael Ketley
Nigel Mercer David Pay
8th Richard Parker Fred Smart
Christopher Mcleod Vere Barlow
Alan Bishop David Pay
9th Norman Wells Fred Smart
11th Mick Ketley Fred Smart

Middle Row
Person Suggestion it is... Suggested by...
1st Chris Counter Fred Smart
2nd Ray Ablitt David Higgs
3rd Christopher House David Higgs
4th Alan Rounds Fred Smart
5th John Morgan Fred Smart, David Pay, David Higgs
7th David Outen Fred Smart
8th Fred Smart Fred Smart, David Pay
9th Joey Hudson Fred Smart, David Pay
11th Alan English Fred Smart
David Pay David Higgs
Eddie Waghorn David Pay

Front Row
Person Suggestion it is... Suggested by...
1st Ray Pink David Pay
Alan Boniface David Higgs, certain!
2nd Roger Nash David Pay
  David Rounds Mick Ketley
4th Stan Hibbert Fred Smart
  Harry Budd David Pay
5th Alan Caiger Fred Smart
7th Harry Budd David Pay
8th Barry Simpson Fred Smart
9th David Higgs That's defintely me!
10th Graham Smith David Pay